THE SHULEA MIX short films collection

THE SHULEA MIX short films collection

1989-2005│USA, Japan│Fiction, Experimental documentary│colour│ 80min│Japanese, English, French, Spanish

THE SHULEA MIX short films collection features Shu Lea CHEANG's six short films made during 1989-2005, that is, COLOR SCHEMES, SEX FISH, SEX BOWL, FINGERS AND KISSES, COMING HOME, and LOVEME2030. These short films exemplify a wide range of topics, such as queer, gender, sex, race, politics, that have been the central motifs throughout her career. 



Color Schemes
1989│USA│Experimental│colour│ 28min│English

An upbeat, ironic look at America’s multicultural society, Color Schemes uses the metaphor of “color wash” to tackle conceptions of racial assimilation. Challenging stereotypes, twelve writer/performers collaborate on four performance sequences—soak, wash, rinse and extract. Spinning through this tumble- jumble of America's washload, the performers scheme to claim racial images that remain color vivid. Color Schemes was also exhibited in its installation form (with a self-service washing machine) at the Whitney Museum in 1990.

Sex Fish
1993│USA│ Experimental│ colour│ 5min │English

Dripping from the faucet, spraying against a shower curtain, swirling down a toilet, water leads viewers from one sex scene to another, private to public and back again. Swimming through the video are various fish, seemingly unaware of the derogatory pun they enact…


Sex Bowl 
1994│USA│Experimental │ colour│ 6min│ English 

Fingers moving into bowling balls, shoe-smelling and toe-sucking… All forms of human sport become sites for sexual play and celebratory eroticism. Edited like a music video, the image track is a constant flow of fetishes that lure us into triangle chaos.


Fingers and Kisses
1995│ Japan│Experimental│ colour│ 5min│ Japanese

How did they make it? The unbearable innocent fingers and kisses. Colors on the screens, your, hers, mine… Cheang has taken her camera to the streets for a candid glimpse of lesbian public sexuality. The film challenges to the question “What do lesbians do?”


Coming Home
1995│USA│Experimental│colour│4min│English, Japanese

She loves her, and she loves her too. She is Japanese and she is Australian. The awkward fitting of bodies into a small space is just one of the allegorical scenarios dramatized in a pressing appeal for lesbian rights. 


LOVEME 2030 

Paris, like the other metropolitan cities in Europe, was flourishing because of new crossing urbanities, while tension was born between the conservative and the new types of Europeans. By the year of 2030, the new races of Europeans have a chance to return to their hometown where the standard of living began to improve.  In anticipating the exodus of reverse migration, LOVEME2030 wishes to defer the unfinished love stories until year 2030. Love me, not now, not here. LOVE ME when I am gone. 


As an artist and filmmaker, Shu Lea Cheang has worked with various art mediums and film formats, including installation, performance, net art, public art, video installation, feature length film and mobile web serial. As a net art pioneer, her Brandon (1998-1999) was the first web art commissioned and collected bythe Guggenheim museum in New York. She has been crafting her own film genre of new queer cinema, calling them eco-cybenoia (Fresh Kill, 1994), scifi cyberpunk (I.K U 2000 ), scifi cyphepunk ( FluidØ, 2017).

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