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Taiwan Competition

Hundreds of entries to the seventh edition of the Taiwan Competition revealed ongoing tiny revolutions in filmmaking. A vast array of cinematic form and content is represented by the fifteen films in the competition. These films show the power and diversity of female cinema in all its glory.

In This Land We're Briefly Ghosts

2019 Taiwan, Myanmar DCP 16min

Like Father Like Daughter

2019 Taiwan DCP 21min

Grand Adventure Railroad

2020 Taiwan DCP 15min

The Lucky Woman

2020 Taiwan DCP 87min


2019 Taiwan DCP 29min


2020 Taiwan DCP 19min

Moving In Between

2019 Taiwan DCP 32min

Make a Wish

2019 Taiwan DCP 25min

No Flowers or Seasons

2019 Taiwan DCP 28min

Drifting on the Roof of the World

2020 Taiwan DCP 72min

The Better Half

2019 Taiwan DCP 57min


2019 Taiwan DCP 18min

Inside Blue

2019 Taiwan DCP 6min

Last Night (Director’s Cut)

2020 Taiwan DCP 3min

The way of Sqoyaw

2020 Taiwan DCP 30min