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Queer Reflection

Queer activism is now grappling with the illusion of equality in a society that permits same-sex couples to marry. Featuring contemporary pieces and classics, alongside the regular shorts collection, this year’s program assembles films that span almost a century. From early cult classics to 90s landmark films, the fight for representation and transgressive politics is echoed in the here and now. Lesbian Herstory Archives, transgender activist icons, and radical geniuses come together to provide the lens through which queer perspectives crossing genre and generation are mirrored and reflected on.


2019 Brazil DCP 84min

The Archivettes

2018 USA DCP 61min

Queer Genius

2019 USA DCP 115min

When the Androgynous Child

2019 Germany, Argentina HDCAM 9min


2020 UK HDCAM 13min

Red Ants Bite

2019 Switzerland HDCAM 23min


2019 South Korea HDCam 24min


1923 USA DCP 72min


1951 France DCP 96min

The Watermelon Woman

1996 USA DCP 90min