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Proud to Fail

Taiwan’s adultery law was struck down by the Constitutional Court on May 29, 2020. Rampant sexist comments, stigmatization and misogyny observed in the online debate after the landmark verdict suggest that there is still a long way to go for true social equality. The films in this program explore how women are destined to repeat the same “failures” again and again. The label female signifies a constant and self-perpetuating state of “lack”. Proud to Fail steps up to reclaim the alleged failure. It is a celebration of the films that dare to revel in divergence, to construct a radical, non-conforming narrative where “imperfection” can become the norm.


2019 Belgium, France DCP 90min

Export My Love

2019 China, USA HDCAM 99min

The Longest Night

2019 Ecuador, Mexico DCP 95min

Welcome to X-World

2019 South Korea DCP 74min