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Gray Dynamics of Love and Hope

Throughout the course of life, we try to identify the essence of things among countless factors of uncertainty. This process of wandering through gray areas is known as "philosophy of gray dynamics". Being a woman is tough. What dynamics of gray do we encounter when we deal with all our struggles in life? And how do these dynamics relate to love and hope? This program is intended to fill women with spiritual energy, whether accompanied by tears or smiles.

The Best of Dorien B.

2019 Belgium DCP 106min


2018 Bulgaria DCP 96min

God Only Knows

2018 Netherlands DCP 78min

Una Primavera

2018 Germany, Italy, Austria DCP 80min


2018 Poland DCP 30min

The Vibrant Village

2019 Poland DCP 7min

The Walking Fish

2018 Japan, Netherlands DCP 19min