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Your Country Is Not Your Own

The tyranny of dictatorships, re-writing of history, displacement by terrorism and war, the uncertain future of refugee children, disappearing borders and unrecognized sovereignty...Is it possible to just ignore news stories about all these things? What is the situation of women who find their country in turmoil? This program assembles issues of nationality and country that receive global attention and observes the state of affairs between "the native and the foreign", "separation and marginalization", "politics and the individual".

The Silence of Others

2018 Spain, France, Canada, USA DCP 96min

Los Silencios

2018 Brazil, Columbia, France DCP 89min


2019 Sweden DCP 93min

The Day I Lost My Shadow

2018 Syria, Lebanon, France, Qatar DCP 90min


2018 Canada, Tunisia, Qatar, Sweden DCP 25min

On Her Shoulders

2018 USA DCP 94min