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After #MeToo

Civil rights activist Tarana BURKE began using the phrase “Me Too” in 2006 as a slogan against sexual assault and harassment. Various circumstances can make it all the more difficult for victims to speak up about instances of sexual abuse. We also need to understand the situation of children being assaulted, as well as male victims. This program will give the audience the chance to understand the mental processes victims and people close to them go through.

Working Woman

2018 Israel DCP 93min

A Thousand Girls Like Me

2018 Afghanistan, France DCP 80min


2017 Argentina, Canada DCP 100min

Test Pattern

2019 USA DCP 82min


2018 Israel DCP 70min

Lady Hunters

2017 USA HDCAM 15min

The Prophetess

2018 Germany, Congo HDCAM 23min


2019 Netherlands HDCAM 9min