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Odds of Return: The Films of Su FRIEDRICH

During the early years of the feminist movement in the US in the 1970s, Su FRIEDRICH upheld the slogan of “the personal and the political”. She became a pioneer of American avant-garde cinema and a heavyweight among directors of queer cinema. Her works always depart from a personal narrative, are accessible and innovative. Friedrich’s topics revolve around women, childhood, family, homosexual desire, historical trauma and ethnic politics. FRIEDRICH relies on home video tapes, found recordings and documentary materials to reveal the possibilities of the medium film. Her experimental creative technique poetic camera shots collide head on with mainstream politics and gender roles, and reveal the complex position of feminism and queer consciousness in the power structures of public opinion, societal rules and system.

Cool Hands, Warm Heart

1979 USA Doc 16min

Damned If You Don't

1987 USA Doc 42min

Rules of the Road

1993 USA Doc 31min

Hide and Seek

1996 USA Doc 63min

Gently Down the Stream

1981 USA Doc 14min

Sink or Swim

1990 USA Doc 48min

The Ties That Bind

1984 USA Doc 55min

I Cannot Tell You How I Feel

2016 USA Doc 42min