YEN Lan-chuan CHUANG Yi-Tseng 2017 Taiwan Documentary b/w & color 65min Chinese, Taiwanese Blu-ray
The curtain felon the history of the centennial sugar refinery, where farmers and workers spent their youth with hard labor. Then, these artists took over, toiling for twenty more years, but had to leave eventually, one after another. This time the curtain falls again, but without any audience.

◎Followed by Bart


YEN Lan-chuan

Graduated from UK Sheffield University. Master of film-making. Yen and Chuang are in the image work for more than 15 years, always time-consuming, try to take each film into the creation, so only a little bit of works. Currently, more well-known and screening on the cinema are documentary film “Let it be” and “Hand in hand”. Because of the “Let it be” was selected as "100 Greatest Chinese-language Films " , we two also rank one of the “50 Greatest Chinese-language Film Directors” including the mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong area.


Graduated from NTU, department of philosophy.

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