Gaining Altitude

Kristen CURRIER 2016 USA Animated documetary b/w & color 2min English HDCAM
date time venue guests rating
10/17 15:00 A One PG12
10/22 17:00 A Two PG12
Gaining Altitude is an animated documentary focused on women in aviation history.

◎ Screening with Panic Attack!, Munitionsettes, Iris 2.0, Couplets for an Everlasting Eve, Tucuman, The Black Land, In Other Words, Shuma, Icky, Love-In-Idleness, Chromosome Sweetheart



Kristen CURRIER like to combine hand drawn textures with digital composites in mostly mixed media pieces. I like to focus on cinematography, and try to employ a live action approach to it even when working in animation.

  • 2016 Gaining Altitude
  • 2016 Shark Finning PSA
  • 2016 Choop Loops
  • 2015 Seagulls
  • 2014 A-10

Director : Kristen CURRIER
Writer : Kristen Currier
Producer : Kristen Currierr

Kristen Currier