NAWFF (Network of Asian Women's Film Festival) was established in 2009 by Taiwan Int'l Women's Film Festival (a.k.a. Women Make Wave), Tokyo Int'l Women's Film Festival, Chennai Women's Film Festival in India, and Seoul Int'l Women's Film Festival.

In 2010, a preparatory committee was founded for establishing NAWFF, and the members in Seoul announced their plans via a press conference.

The 1st meeting was held in 2011, in Seoul, Korea, the 2nd in Tokyo, Japan, the 3rd in Chennai, India and the 4th in Taipei. The members of NAWFF started with the members of women's film festivals from Chennai, India (SWIFF), Taiwan (WMWFF), Seoul (IWFSS) and Tokyo (TIWFF), and one year later Israel joined.


The goals of NAWFF:

● Promoting interactivities among Asian female film professionals and Women's film festivals

● Supporting Asian women's film production and distribution

● Establishing a database of Asian women's films

● Encouraging the cultural movements of Asian women

● Discovering and developing issues relating to Asian women's Cinema


The NAWFF Award

NAWFF Award is an annual ceremony hosted by NAWFF. Winner is selected among the NAWFF films recommended by each NAWFF member, and prize money $ 1000 with a NAWFF trophy is given. The winner of the year will be screened at every festival of NAWFF. The Award ceremony was held at Seoul in 2010; Tokyo Int’l Women's Film Festival in 2011; Women's Int'l Film Festival, Chennai in 2012 and Women Make Waves Film Festival in 2013. Since 2014 the NAWFF Award has been held at Taipei and Seoul.

The winners in 2016 were Hebei Province by Li Nien-hsiu from Taiwan and Dear Grandma by So-hyun Lee from South Korea.



In addition to the award, NAWFF holds the forum to discuss how to promote and connect women film professionals and students in Asia.

New members joining

We would like the network to extend and to have new members. We are now trying to finalize the possibilities for new members to join such as Fillmor –the women's film festival on wheels from Istanbul, Osaka women's film festival and Beijing Women's film festival.

Exposure to film by women from Asia

Create an online database on the net's existing site, with film titles, directors, cast and crew members, synopses, thematic classification, distributor information and more. This will allow us to maximize the exposure of programs curated annually in each of the net members' festivals, share them with one another and facilitate the research each of us conducts every year significantly.

Another aspiration is to upload the competition films with English subtitles for VOD as a first step, and other films at a later stage. It would be a kind of an online international women's Asian film festival, which would make filmmaking and the new

perspectives and different issues at its core accessible. Using the internet to make film accessible to the wide audience may lead to more significant exposure to the festivals and especially to the films and the women who made them.


Upload data and statistics from each member country, enabling exchange of information about budget size, foundations and resources available for women in Asia, number of films directed by men and women, their budgets, who supports them, etc. Sharing the information and exposing it to the public may influence public policy in each of the states. The net may set political and strategic goals after collecting and analyzing this data. In a few countries in the world gender monitoring plays a central part in the distribution of resources among male and female directors –this can be the case here too. Collecting this information will be the first step towards building strategies to new models and ways of changing the representation of women in cinema.