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Ticket Information

{Advance Tickets}  【Taipei】From Sep. 1, 14:00 to Sep. 30, 23:59    ※【Limited Advance Ticket Packages】 NT$ 699 . Contains 4 tickets and 1 gift voucher, only sale in Taipei. Bring your gift voucher to the WMWIFF Information Counter during the festival to exchange it for a gift set.   ※【Individual Advance Tickets】NT$ 180 per ticket.  【Taichung】From Sep. 29, 14:00  to Oct. 30, 23:59   ※【Individual Advance Tickets】NT$ 150 per ticket.   {During-the-festival Tickets}    【Taipei】From Oct. 5 to Oct. 14   General–NT$ 220 per ticket / Disabled or Senior Citizen–NT$ 110   Weekday Matinee–NT$ 200 per ticket (Only valid for screenings beginning before 17:59 on weekdays).   Fuzhong 15: General–NT$ 150 per ticket. Disabled or Senior Citizen–NT$ 75 per ticket.  【Taichung】From Oct. 31 to Nov. 4   General–NT$ 180 per ticket / Disabled or Senior Citizen–NT$ 90 per ticket.   Please Note  The Festival reserves all rights to change the program schedule and will be announced on our official website: www.wmw.org.tw.  Latecomers will NOT be admitted to enter 20 minutes after the film begins. Latecomers' tickets CANNOT be changed or refunded.  Please hold on to your tickets and Limited Advance Ticket Packages for admission. Tickets will not be re-issued if lost or damaged.  Barrier-free seat availability is limited. Please make a reservation to 02-2557-5227 in advance. Tickets must be purchased for children taller than 100 cm and above the age of 3. If not achieve the standard, children cannot get in.  Ticket package can be bought and redeemed via  ,or at the SPOT-Huashan WMWIFF Ticket Counter (only during the Festival).   Refund or Exchange Policy  Any Ticket Package is only refundable in its entirety before Oct. 3(Wed) along with (a) a copy of the buyer’s deposit book front cover, (b) a copy of the buyer’s ID, (c) the buyer’s cell phone number, (d) contact number, and (e) mailing address; all of which shall be sent to the festival office. Any ticket voucher is only refundable before Oct. 3(Wed). Refund or exchange of an individual ticket shall be made no later than one day before the screening. A handling fee of 10% per ticket will be charged. Any exchange of tickets will be regarded as a "refund" and will follow the same process.