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THE SHULEA MIX film collection ●Limited Edition USB●

●THE SHULEA MIX Limited Edition USB set●   ▌Content:Limited Edition USB(including 9 films), brochure, postcard ▌Price:$2,980 / set (tax included)     ●Limited EditionUSB● ▌影片:《Fresh Kill》、《I.K.U.》、《Fluid∅》、《THE SHULEA MIX short films collection》(including《Color Schemes》、《Sex Fish》、《Sex Bowl》、《Coming Home》、《Fingers and Kisses》、《LOVEME2030》)      ●Brochure● ▌Content:Shu Lea Cheang's film information, still images, filmmaker's information, information of selected past exhibition and artwork and contents from THE SHULEA MIX public dialogue.   

Girl Gets Girl

■Content Girl Gets Girl  2016 |Spain| Fiction| Color |88 min |English, Spanish Inés, a lesbian lothario, has lived the “American dream” in Miami for nine years. When she is caught cheating on her girlfriend, her world tumbles down. It´s time to get back home to Madrid and seduce Carmen, the hot straight best friend of Mónica Psyco, the woman Inés left nine years ago pregnant on their wedding day. Would she run away again or is it time to settle down? ■Filmmaker Sonia SEBASTIÁN Sonia SEBASTIÁN is an award winning spanish writer and filmmaker. She wrote and directed 16 episodes of the successful Spanish series Girl Seeks Girl and Spanish TV series Todo es posible en el bajo and Parejología 3×2. She is also an established theatrical director and producer in Madrid having created numerous plays with her company Teatro de Cámara Cervantes.   ■ Product Information Release:Taiwan Women's Film Association Content: Girl Gets Girl Format: DVD    

Oh! My Mom

■Content Oh! My Mom 2006|Taiwan|Documentary|Color|22 min|Mandarin In my impression, my mother always put herself in the first place. There were a lot of things we didn’t understand her. However my mother has always been tolerated my father. This curiosity drove me to make this documentary. During the film making, I found that my mum is actually very responsible for her home. Compared with other women, she knows better how to make use of her time to have fun. She reads a lot, and is a connoisseur of life, whole families have been influenced by her unconsciously.  Now,my parents are approaching their middle ages. At this stage, a woman would tend to think of breaking away from her family to realize her unfinished dreams while a man would tend to lose motivation and prefer to stay at home, which is the problem they are facing now. My dad and mum are making efforts to adjust themselves continuously. When I see mum try so hard to live the life that she desires, I have finally come to fully understand her. I think what she hopes most is that all the family can understand her. ■Filmmaker 張乃云CHANG Nai-Yun CHANG have became very independant since very early on. Because of her mother, she saw a lot of books, theater, exhibitions and etc. Oh! My Mom is her first documentary.   ■Product Infomration  Distribution: Taiwan Women's Film Association Content: Oh! My Mom Subtitles: Chinese/English Format: DVD

Turtle And Tears

  ■Content Turtle And Tears 2011|Taiwan|Fiction|Color|22 min|Mandarin The fifteen-year-old Xiao-Yu desires a perfect and happy family, but she actually suffers from domestic violence. One day, her mother disappears. Summer vacation is around the corner. A summer thunderstorm strikes in the afternoon. Xiao-Yu wonders if there is a right and safe way to home. ■Filmmaker CHOU She-Wei CHOU She-Wei studied history in Taiwan and graduated in 1988 from the Film/TV department of New York University. She is a film critic, teacher and independent film maker. Her work include The Queen on the Baton (1999, short doc), One Promise (2000, short doc), Dancing in the Light (2001, short doc), Either or (2002), Songs of My Tribe (2008, short doc), Live for Remembrance (2008, short doc), With or Without You (2008, short).    ■ Product Information Distribution: Taiwan Women's Film Association Content: Turtle And Tears Subtitles: Chinese/English Format: DVD

Too Bitter To Love

  ■Content Too Bitter To Love 2008|South Korea|Fiction|Color|22 min|Korean Mok-Ryun and Byung-Hee, an outsider couple, plans to meet secretly at Byung-Hee’s dormitory. Mok-Ryun cuts class to go and meet Byung-Hee, while they were in the room, an odd atmosphere rises between them, and they have sex meticulously for the first time. When Byung-Hee leaves the room for a moment, the man next door who overhears them threatens Mok-Ryun. “I will tell your mom you are fucking around”. What is Mok-Ryun, going to do? ■Filmmaker Gone JEON Born in 1985, graduated from Film Department at Konkuk University. Too Bitter to Love has won Jury Award at Short Film Competition at Int'l Women's Film Festival, Seoul in 2009. ■ Product Information Distribution: Taiwan Women's Film Association Content: Too Bitter To Love Subtitles: Chinese/English Format: DVD

Breasts Also Started As Small Things

  ■Content Breasts Also Started As Small Things 2004|France, Belgium|Documentary|Color|29 min|French Breasts grow, the rules come, the discomfort of the transformed body is there. Boys couldn't yet learn to control their erections, while their voices are another trouble for them. In the hammam or at the beach, girls and boys discuss the cruising and the love. In their head too, hormones jostle everything. Accept your new character, respond to text messages from boys, take the first step ... So many terrifying steps! How a 15-year-old boy understand his desires and grow in a body that is not sure to love? ■Filmmaker Marie Mandy Belgian born director Marie Mandy was born in Leuven in 1961. She grew up in Africa and the United States, and received a Bachelor痴 degree in Roman Philology from the University of Louvain. In 1988 she graduated from the London International Film School, thanks to grants from the Belgian Vocational Foundation and a scholarship from the International Rotary Foundation. She completed her training with Delia Salvi (Actor's Studio), Jiri Menzel and Krzysztof Kieslowski (Directing) and took a certificate from EAVE in 1992.  In 1989 she created her own production company in Brussels called Amazone Films, with which she produced and directed "Judith" (short, 1989), "Pardon Cupidon" (feature, 1992), and "Madeleine in Heaven" (documentary, 1999). She has since directed several documentaries and worked for the French Television ARTE and for the Belgian channel RTBF.  As a photographer she has worked as a portrait photographer for several magazines, photographing art world and business personalities. She has shown her photographs and her "photo-weavings" in a dozen countries. She produced, from 1994 to 1997, important photo-journalistic work on the situation of disabled people in Europe and on institutionalized children, all the while pursuing her independent work as a photographer.  From 1993 to 1995 she was president of the ARPF (Belgian Association of Film Directors-Producers). She has been vice-president of the Belgian committee of the SACD (Author's Guild) since 1996.  She currently lives and works in Brussels and Marseilles. ■ Product Information Distribution: Taiwan Women's Film Association Content: Breasts Also Started As Small Things Subtitles: Chinese/English Format: DVD

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