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The Boar King

  ■Content The Boar King 2014|Taiwan|Fiction|Color|102 min|Mandarin Cho loses her husband, Ying, during a massive typhoon that left their village in ruins. The grief-stricken widow is also faced with the prospect of losing the family business, as the Boar Hot Spring – the source of water for the hotel spas in the village – has been buried by a landslide. As her fellow villagers desperately try to sell off their land and move out, they receive invitation cards from the deceased Ying. Is Ying really dead? What secrets is he hiding? Can they find another path and re-establish links with the buried hot spring, the lifeblood of the village? Ying's daughter, Fen, returns to the mountain village for the funeral and encounters a young man, Garmin, on the way. A love story slowly unfolds as he helps her recover from her grief. Together, Cho and Fen try to find the answer to Ying's secrets through the videotapes that he had left behind. The journey leads them to a new path that helps them bid goodbye to the past and find  a new direction in life. ■Filmmaker Chen-ti KUO Chen-ti KUO is an award-winning director specializing in documentaries and feature  films. She started directing theatrical productions during college at National Taiwan  University, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Her interest  in the arts led her to pursue a Master of Fine Arts at Temple University in the US,  honing her skills in writing and directing for radio, television and film.  As a writer, Kuo was thrice the recipient of the government-funded Excellent Screenplay Awards for her works:Bicycle Diary (1997), Red Snow (2002) and Romance Century (2007). Kuo’s background in theatre has imbued her documentaries with a sense of drama, as many critics have noted. Libangbang-Ching Wen is not Home was nominated for best short film at several international festivals, including the New York Expo of Short Film and Video in 2002.  Her feature-length documentary, Viva Tonal – the Dance Age, won the Best Documentary award at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival in 2003. In the same way, her feature films reflect the social consciousness that pervades her documentaries. Her first feature film, Step by Step was released in March 2009. Her second and latest feature is The Boar King. She is currently working on the postproduction of her documentary Trapped by the Sea, Lost in Time. ■Product Information Distribution: Taiwan Women's Film Association Content: The Boar King Subtitles: Chinese/English Format: DVD  

Golden Gate Girls

  ■Content Golden Gate Girls 2014|Hong Kong|Documentary|Color|90min|Mandarin   In GOLDEN GATE GIRLS author and professor S. Louisa Wei tells the story of filmmaker Esther Eng, the first woman to direct Chinese-language film in the US, and the most prominent woman director in Hong Kong in the 1930's. A San Francisco native and open lesbian, her contribution to film history is sadly overlooked – her 11 feature films mostly lost. After the retirement of director Dorothy Arzner in 1943 and before Ida Lupino began directing in 1949, Eng was the only woman directing feature length films in the US.  Wei's documentary paints a fascinating picture of how Eng’s career in filmmaking broke through gender and racial boundaries in Hollywood and Hong Kong, at a time when opportunities for Chinese women in the industry were few and far between. With a captivating archive of newly discovered images and interviews with those who knew her, Wei uncovers a rich chapter of film history that challenges both gender hierarchies and national narratives. Essential viewing for Cinema Studies and Asian American Studies. ■Filmmaker S. Louisa Wei With a PhD in Film Studies from University of Alberta (Canada), Dr Louisa Wei joined the School of Creative Media in 2001 and has taught over 2000 students. Her courses are mostly related to filmmaking, film history, storytelling, and topics in media/popular culture; while she also advises student studio/thesis projects in fiction/script writing, documentary, narrative film, and projects with gender-related themes. As an independent documentary filmmaker, her two feature films—Storm under the Sun (2009) and Golden Gate Girls (2014)—have gained international recognition from academia and film festivals, as well as attracted media attention ranging from Hollywood's trade magazine to major newspapers in Hong Kong and mainland China. As a scholar, she has published books including Cinema East and West (2014), PreAnimate: A Guide for Independent Animators (2010), and Women's Film: Dialogues with Chinese and Japanese Female Directors (2009). As an experienced teacher and advisor, Wei has advised many award-winning graduation projects, including Chan Hau Chun's short documentary 32+4 (2014), Andrew Lone's feature documentary My Chinese Acquaintances (2012), Wong Yee Mei's short documentary This Pair (2011), Chan Tsz-wai Wallis' narrative short Daylily (2010), and Sheetal Agawal's documentary Ordinary Lives. ■ Product Information Distribution: Taiwan Women's Film Association Content: Golden Gate Girls Subtitles: Chinese/English Format: DVD

Echo with Women's Voices Their Involvement in political Movements

  ■Content Echo with Women's Voices Their Involvement in political Movements 2005|Taiwan|Documentary|Color|60min|Mandarin Echo with Women's Voices Their Involvement in political Movements examines the woman movement and women's political participation in Taiwan over the past thirty years.  ■Filmmaker CHIEN Wei-Su Filmmaker. Board Director of Taiwan Women's Film Association. Her films include Ch'en Hsiou-hsi , The Stitching Sisterhood , Viva Tonal-The Dance Age, Yang Ch’jen-ch’ueh.    ■ Product Information Distribution: Taiwan Women's Film Association Content: Echo with Women's Voices Their Involvement in political Movements Subtitles: Chinese/English Format: DVD

Combing Hair

  ■Content Combing Hair 2014|Taiwan|Animation|Color|4min|No Dialogue The girl is born with frizzy and unkempt hair. On one important day,her comb is broken, and she has got to find a special comb. ■Filmmaker Yen-Chen CHIANG CHIANG is a filmmaker from Hsinchu. She started making animation since college years.    ■ Product Information Distribution: Taiwan Women's Film Association Content: Combing Hair+Close-Ups Subtitles: Chinese/English Format: DVD


​■Content Close-Ups 2014|Taiwan|Experimental Documentary|Color|39 min|Mandarin It is an experimental documentary film that attempts to combine images with literature. This film tells of my memory of returning to my hometown in 2013. ■Filmmaker Cherlyn Hsing-Hsin LIU Cherlyn Hsing-Hsin Liu is a writer and cinematographer, known for Matryoshka (2015), Mrs. Gu and Her Armchair (2017) and Close-Ups (2014).   ■ Product Information Distribution: Taiwan Women's Film Association Content: Combing Hair+Close-Ups Subtitles: Chinese/English Format: DVD

Science and Gender-Woman Mathematician Fighter, Hsu, Dao Ning

  ■Content Science and Gender-Woman Mathematician Fighter, Hsu, Dao Ning 2016|Taiwan|Documentary|Color|73 min|Mandarin This is the story about Taiwan's pioneer woman mathematician, HSU Dao-Ning. Being the first woman doctor of mathematics in Taiwan, she dedicated her life to mathematics education. Through her meticulous memory, self-statements, and interviews of her relatives and students, the film outlined her whole life and tried to exemplified that how her unique femininity, intelligence, personality and ambition, were all devoted into the education of technology and personality in Taiwan. ■Filmmaker WANG Weitsy Associate Professor in Dept. Mass Communication in Tamkang University. Executive Supervisor of Taiwan Women's Film Association. Research Scholar in Documentary Study and Film Making. JIING Yng-Jaw Completed M.F.A. degree from the Department of Motion Picture & Television at University of California at Los Angeles in 1987. Currently teach film classes at Theater Arts Department of Chinese Culture University and work as freelance filmmaker shooting documentary and engaging in literary creation. ■ Product Information Distribution: Taiwan Women's Film Association Content: Science and Gender-Woman Mathematician Fighter, Hsu, Dao Ning Subtitles: Chinese/English Format: DVD

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