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Jury Members for Taiwan Competition

Members of First Selection Jury

TSAI Hsiu-Nu

A writer, film critic, director, screenwriter and producer. Some of her TV works have won the Golden Bell Awards.


This year's excellent films deal with a great variety of subjects. Their visual arts transcend the boundaries of cinema, and they touch the innermost heart of many women.



A film critic, producer and documentary director. Her works deal with controversial social issues, such as nuclear power, cross-strait relations or education reform.


The competition among shorts and experimental films is fierce this year, especially regarding topics like the young generation's outlook on life. Subjects and views are as diverse as cinematic styles.



A film critic, program director, and lecturer. He has written The Love and Death of Taiwan Cinema and Taiwan Cinema in Transition: In Search of True Taiwan Spirit, and produced the film Flow.


Women’s Cinema is sometimes traditional and self-aware, yet again proud and unyielding. It challenges my understanding of film. The works that didn't make into the final selection impressed me deeply, too.

LEE Yi-Shan

Independent filmmaker and lecturer. She makes documentaries as well as fictions, focusing on the role of women under patriarchy. Babes' Not Alone has won many awards at festivals including Golden Horse IFF.


Fiction films with mature storytelling, documentaries with diverse styles of narration, excellent animations, and progressive experimental films. Creative work and taste are subjective, we were challenged and we learned.


Chih-Hsuan Sherry CHOU

Working on gender issues. Was a member of the Preparing Committee of The First Asia-Pacific Academic Conference of BDSM and is co-founder of Herfection.


Gender Cinema is like a garden of a hundred flowers. Some films are quite straightforward, others have layers and windings of thought. Myriad aspects of the topic are adressed.